Doug Pagitt on Flipped

Let me take a moment and tell you what I am up to in Flipped

I use the flip to capture Jesus’ message “you have heard it said…but I say to you.” Many people are not satisfied with the version of faith they have heard and are longing for a new, even flipped, understanding of God and faith. This is what Flipped is all about.

One of the flips I play with in the book is what it means to “live, move and have our being in God” rather than trying to connect with God through any kind of transactional system. I hope the people you share the book with will be encouraged to flip from an “If/Then” faith to the “In God” way of life. 

In Flipped, I explore:

  • What it means to be “in God,” and how that opens new opportunities for healing the human spirit, fostering life in community, and living responsibly with God, one another, and the earth
  • How changing our mind, drawing new conclusions, and engaging new ideas—in other words, embracing the flip—all lie at the heart of Jesus’ message and life;.
  • How to view God through the lens of integration, which opens up new ways of viewing others
  • How to stop being guided by fear and eschew force and violence for a world where the love and life of God are what make us safe